Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Koneru Konappa
MP :
G Nagesh

Voter details

TOTAL VOTERS: 1,87,387 amongst Men: 94,786 ; Women: 92,570 ; Others: 31


DISTRICT: Kumram Bheem Asifabad
MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: 7; Kagaznagar Sirpur(T), Koutala, Chinthalamanepalli, Bejjur, Pemchilakapeta, Dahegam
LOKSABHA: Adilabad
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Koneru Konappa BSP Kaveti Sammaiah TRS 8837
2010 Kaveti Sammaiah TRS Allola Indrakaran Reddy Congress 15229
2009 Kaveti Sammaiah TRS Koneru Konappa Congress 7414
2004 Konappa Congress Palvai Rajya Laxmi TDP 4319
1999 Palvai Rajyalaxmi TDP Koneru Konappa Congress 29967
1994 Palvai Purushotam Rao Independent K.V. Narayana Rao TDP 12268
1989 Palvai Purushotam Rao Independent Kodali Venkata Narayana Rao TDP 2441
1985 K. V. Narayana Rao TDP B. Janaka Prasad Congress 8265
1983 K. V. Narayan Rao Independent K. V. Keshavulu Congress 10657
1978 K. V. Keshavulu Congress C. Madahva Reddy JNP 6786
1972 K V Keshavalu Congress B Chandra Goud Independent 9600
1967 G. S. Reddy Congress M. Singh Independent 5825

Important projects,Institutions

Pranahitha-Chevella project which was commenced in the year 2004 by the then chief minister YS Raja Shekar Reddy with a worth of Rs. 37,500 crores. But, it was shifted to Kaleshwaram project. The works of Uchhamalla Vagu project, Jaganathpur projects are still pending.

Ongoing Programmes

Road extension works from Sirpur to Koatala are in progress. Construction works of four bridges with a worth of 122 crores are in progress. Amongst, Gudem-Ahiri is the important one. Roads to the remote areas of the constituency and works of Mission Bhagiratha with a worth of 133 crores are in progress.

Pending issues

Works of Jaganathpur project is in pending. Though the construction of ROB bridge is completed, staircases are not constructed. The works of Uchhamalla Vagu and Pranahitha-Chevella projects are not yet started. Due to the lack of permissions from the forest department, the works of Kumaram Bheem left canal works are not completed. Shutdown of Sirpur Paper mill.

Important places

It is considered as one of the most precious destinations for nature and especially for wildlife lovers. Yeah, it is the place where a few numbers of vultures reside. The Ryak hills of the region giving shelter to the vultures. People from across the nation throng to this locale to capture the views of vultures. Siddeshwarara caves of Bejjur mandal and Shiva Mallanna temple in Easgaon are the prominent places to visit. Kagaznagar is well known as Mini India, due to the existence of different cultured people from across India.

Interesting Points

Sharing borders with Maharashtra, people of Sirpur, Koatala, Bejjur on the banks of river Pranahitha follows the cultures and traditions of Maharashtra. Every festival or event resonate the cultural heritage of Maharashtra. The major crops of the region are Rice, Cotton, lentils, etc. There exist Bangladeshi refugee camps in Najrul Nagar of Kagaznagar and Ravinder Nagar in Koatala mandal. The great thing to mention here is nearly 64 members are working in Indian Army.