Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Gangula Kamalakar
MP :
B. Vinod Kumar

Voter details

Total voters: 2,77,236; Men: 1,39,065; Women: 1,38,135; Others: 36


Reservation : General
District: Karimnagar
Mandals in constituency: Karimnagar Urban, Karimnagar Rural, Kothapally
Loksabha constituency: Karimnagar
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Gangula Kamalakar TRS Bandi Sanjay Kumar BJP 21546
2009 Gangula Kamalakar TDP Chalimeda Lakshmi Narasimha Rao Congress 3013
2004 Meneni Satyanarayana Congress Smt. Gandra Nalini TDP 16577
1999 Devender Rao Katari TDP Velichala Jagapathi Rao Independent 24312
1994 Juvvadi Chandra Sekhar Rao TDP Jagapathi Rao Velichala Congress 22565
1989 V.Jagapthi Rao Independent Chandrasekhar Rao Juvvadi TDP 427
1985 C. Anand Rao TDP V.Jagapati Rao Congress 7707
1983 K. Murtunjayam Independent Nalamachu Kondaiah Congress 20510
1978 Kondaiah Nalumachu Congress Chokka Rao Juvvadi JNP 21984
1972 Juvvadi Chokka Rao Congress Devaraju Anjaneyulu STPS 15489
1967 J. Chokka Rao Congress M. Ram Gopal Reddy Congress 3296
1962 Allireddy Kishan Reddy SOC Juvvadi Chokka Rao Congress 1632
1957 J.Chokka Rao Congress Ch. Venkat Rama Rao PDF 3073
1952 Ch.Venkataramarao PDF J.Chokkarao Congress 6913

Other Important Leaders

Other prominent people are Arjun Awardee Madhasu SrinivasaRao, Nalimela Bhaskar, a litterateur, an adept at 14 languages, Sahitya Academy Awardee belongs to this constituency.

Important projects,Institutions

Lower Manair Dam, caters to the the irrigational needs of Karimnagar and Huzurabad. Through Kakatiya canal, waters of this dam reaches Warangal, Khammam, Nalgonda districts. Manair Dam serves irrigation and drinking water needs of Vemulawada, Siricilla. Several research and educational institutions like Satavahana university, Veternary Polytechnic college, Seed research centre, etc are also present. Prathima medical college and Chelmedi Anand Rao medical are the medical colleges, in private sector, in this constituency.

Ongoing Programmes

Several infrastructure development projects are being undertaken in this constituency. A sum of Rs 108 crores has been sanctioned for the construction of new as well as maintenance of existing roads as a part of Karimnagar city renovation. The works of Mission Bhagiratha and UGD are in currently progress. The construction of Manair river front and a suspension river bridge across Manair from Karimnagar and Manakoduru with investments of Rs. 506 crores and Rs. 183 crores respectively are going on in full swing. The foundation stone for construction of four-line road has also been laid. With an intention to develop the Elgandula project into a tourist destination, a bridge is being constructed and repairs works on several roads leading to it are taken up. A huge sum of Rs. 600 crores is allotted towards the development of villages in mandals of Kothapalli and Karimnagar mandal.

Important places

The fort of Elgandal, located just 15 Kms away from Karimnagar, is of historical significance. Before the district of Karimnagar came into existence in 1905 it was under the rule of various dynastys like Kakatiyas, Bahmanis, Kutubshahis, Moghuls and Asafjahis. The fort Elgandal was constructed with a perfect plan and strategy. In the erstwhile united AP, Chiranjeevi granted Rs.5 crores for the decoration of the fort with light show, laser shows and for other renovation works.

Interesting Points

There are more than 300 granite units, 400 granite cutting and polishing units in this constituency. The people of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Bihar and other states are working as daily workers. Due to the exports of granite to China, this constituency has gained the popularity as Granite Hub. Mother and baby care centres, private nursing homes were present in this constituency and is serving the needs of the people of Adilabad district.