Constituency : Assembly


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District :
Total Voters :
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Thigulla Padmarao Goud
MP :
Bandaru Dattatreya

Voter details

Total Population: 2,25,533;
Males: 1,13,600; Females: 1,11,933 ( according to 2011 census)
According to one estimate the population may well have crossed 5Lakhs.
Total registered voters: 2,33,790
Males: 1,18,993; Females: 1,147,774; Others: 23
Key communities:
This constituency has relatively high level of Muslim and Chritian voters numbering 40,000 and 25,000 respectively. The proportion of BC, ST and SC community members is also significant. Among BCs people of Mudiraj community are high in number followed by fishermen community and Padmasalis. Other communities with significance presence in this constituency include Yadav, Goud and Vaishya communities.


Name of the constituency: Secunderabad
Reservation: General
District to which it belongs: Hyderabad
Mandals in the constituency: Maredpally, Musheerabad.
Loksabha constituency to which it belongs: Secunderabad
The constituency comes under Secunderabad circle of GHMC and comprises of five division-Addagutta, Sithaphal mandi, Boudhanagar, Tarnaka and Mettuguda. Tarnaka division has 59,735 registered voters and this is the highest among all the divisions in the constituency.
In the last assembly elections of 2014, 1,36,518 votes were polled which translates into an voting percentage of 56%. Of these, 57,920 went in favour of Thigulla Padmrao of TRS, and 31,941 votes were polled for his nearest political rival from TDP, Kuna Venkatesh thus Pamarao emerged victorious by a margin of nearly 28,000 votes.
This is constituency has acquired a unique recongntion in that secunderabad is the only assembly constituency among the 13 constituencies in hyderabad, that has placed in TRS in power. Victory of the Thigulla padma rao had been a cakewalk as most of the people in this constituency have been with TRS since the struggle for separate statehood.
Earlier votes of railway employees were a significant factor in determining the poll outcome. But that has been changing slowly because of them migrating to other regions.Thigulla Padma Rao who has won with considerable majority has made his mark in the development of the constituency. His efforts in this respect made a significant contribution to the victory of TRS in the subsequent GHMC elections. TRS made a clean sweep bagging all of the 5 divisions in the constituency.
And not just that, of 99 divisions won by TRS in GHMC, the top three divisions where TRS won by huge margins were also from Secunderabad constituency.
This constituency has colonies like Bank colony, kesav nagar etc,. with relatively better infrastructure and 'Basthis' like Addagutta, Parsigutta etc., which require urgent upgradation of civic amenities. The two most prominent leaders of the constituency, Thigulla padamrao and Thalasani Srinivas Yadav were political rivals but are now batting for the same team TRS. They are also ministers in the KCR's Cabinet.
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 T. Padma Rao TRS Kuna Venkatesh Goud TDP 25979
2009 Jayasudha Kapoor Congress Talasani Srinivas Yadav TDP 4395
2008 Talasani Srinivas Yadav TDP Pitla Krishna Congress 18067
2004 T.Padma Rao TRS Talasani Srinivas Yadav TDP 3067
1999 Talasani Srinivas Yadav TDP Smt.Mary Ravindranath Congress 37523
1994 Talasani Srinivas Yadav TDP Mary Ravindranath Congress 20461
1989 Mary Ravindra Nath Congress Alladi Raj Kumar TDP 11561
1985 Alladi P. Raj Kumar TDP Gouri Shanker Congress 19797
1983 M. Krishna Rao Independent K. Keshava Rao Congress 17941
1978 L. Narayana JNP T. D. Gowri Shanker Congress(I) 8152
1972 L. Narayana Congress G. M. Anjiah STS 8971
1967 K. S. Narayana Congress B. S. M. Singh Independent 6213

Other Important Leaders

There are several important personalities like from various walks of life like lawyers, Judges, Professors and senior officials from RTC who have permanent residence in the constituency.

Important projects,Institutions

Some of the important places in this constituency include Secunderabad Railway station and its administrative office of Rail nilayam. Though it is named after Secunderabad, none of the important places in Secunderabad like Railway station, Rail nilayam, Jubilee station come under this constituency.

Ongoing Programmes

The much awaited project of this constituency-setting up of government junior college- which has been in the pipeline for over a decade was recently inaugurated. Arrangements are being to introduce the 'KG to PG' scheme in this college.
The construction of one-of-a-kind funtional hall in the constituency is under progress, investing crores of rupees in the process. Setwin office and training institute is also being set up in the same premises. Upgradation of rain water drains, with an investment of around Rs. 1.20cr is also being done.
In addtion to the above, construction of double bed room houses at Mettuguda and Sithaphal mandi divisions, construction of Lalpet bridge are proceeding at faster pace. Recently foundation stone has been laid for the construction community hall in Madhuranagar which involves an investment of Rs.5cr.

Pending issues

Several development projects in the constituency like widening of chilakalaguda-jamaiosmania road, upgradation of rainwater drains in New Ashoknagar and Pullaiah Bavi are lagging behind the schedule and require immediate attention from the authorities. Renovation works of Chilkalguda Muncipal complex are also yet to be started and so is the construction 50-bed hospital in Addagutta.