Date of birth : 10-6-1960
Place of birth : Madras
Parents : NTR, Basavatarakam
Qualifications : B.A. from Nizam College, Hyderabad.
Spouse : Vasundhara Devi
children : Bramhani, Teja, Mokshagna
Relatives : Mr. Balakrishna is not only son of NT Ramarao and also in-law of TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu. His son-in-law Mr. Nara Lokesh is minister in present TDP government and sister former Union minister D. Purandhareswari is in BJP.
Political Background >
Entered politics in the year 2014 elections and won with thumping majaority from Hindupur. He concentrated on development of the constituency and take it as number one in the state.
He was instrumental in organizing Lepakshi festival in a grad way which got publicity worldwide. He is putting all his efforts in bringing irrigation water from Handri-Neeva and Gollapalli reservoirs and construction of pipeline work is going on. Though he is film personality, he is spending maximum time on development of the constituency.
He is keen on contesting 2019 elections again and has laid special emphasis on development works.
Business & Properties >
He is mainly associated with films and has a long and vibrant acting career with 102 movies to his credit.