India occupies a prominent place among the democracies of the world, as the largest and the most vibrant one. Election to the legislative organ is the foundation that supports and sustains any democracy. Elections are the reflection of people' aspirations for a brighter tomorrow. It lets people choose their representatives to govern the nation on behalf of them. But with changing times, the political contest in our country has taken numerous turns. 'Money power' and 'Freebie culture' have cast a shadow on the sanctity of this exercise. Both political parties and candidates contesting in elections have grown beyond our imaginations. A plethora of parties with an aim of serving people, field several candidates in the political arena. Current political scenario makes choosing the right candidate for the job a challenging task. Hence, for a voter, personal and social and political background of a contesting candidates plays an important role in choosing a right one. Voters must be aware of the political backdrop of the constituency and the suitability and efficiency of a contesting candidates in discharging their duties. Only then can they make the right decision to usher in bright future. In order to aid voters in this exercise, We at "ABN Andhrajyothy" have come up with a unique initiative Prajatantram.

This is the year of elections. Elections to Parliament as well as to various state legislatives will be held within the next few months. Different political parties and Election Commission alike have intensified their efforts in preparing for coming elections. But the most crucial element undoubtedly is the voter exercising his choice in the elections. Voter's choice, while strengthening our democracy, decides the outcome of the elections. The goal of all democratic institutions therefore should be to help voter make an informed decision in this respect. To create awareness among voters in this direction, information pertaining to the constituencies such as political scenario of the constituency, personal and professional profiles of the contesting candidates, their track record etc., are provided through this initiative. In addition, political history of the constituency including information about the past elections has also been included. Considerable effort has gone into making this information available to our viewers. Our team of employees belonging to existing as well as new divisions established exclusively for this purpose, made immense contribution in bringing this to you all. Despite several quality-control mechanisms put in place to ensure that this exercise is error-free, some may have crept in accidentally. We request our esteemed viewers to bring such errors to our notice through prajatantram@andhrajyothy.com. So, that mistakes can be rectified promptly and thereby help us in delivering a flawless content.