Constituency : Assembly


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District :
Total Voters :
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T. Ram Mohan Reddy
MP :
Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Voter details

Total voters: 2,25,925; Men - 1,15,450 and Women - 1,10,460 and Others - 15
Key communities: Around 58% of the population belongs to BC in the constituency. However, the winner of the elections will be decided by the 60,000 and more Mudiraj voters in Parigi followed by Yadavs. The candidate who will attract the voters from these two communities can easily taste the victory in the forthcoming elections. Meanwhile, SC and Tribal votes also play a pivotal role in deciding the winner.


Reservation: General
District: Vikarabad
Mandals in constituency: Parigi, Doma, Kulakacharla, Pudur and Gandeed (Only 5 Panchayats from Gandeed and Kulakcharla have been added to Mahabubnagar district.)
Lok Sabha constituency: Chevella
The political face of Parigi
Formed in 1952, Parigi constituency has witnessed 13 assembly elections so far in which only the 1952 elections' result is unanimous. Koppula Harishwar Reddy is the only leader who won as an MLA of Parigi five times on TDP ticket in 1985,1994,1999,2004 and 2009 elections and served people for 25 years. He has been also worked as the chairman of SFC, Deputy Speaker and the director of TTD Board. Alongside, Kamatam Ram Reddy (now in Congress) also became MLA for three times in the years 1967, 1972 and 1989. He served Parigi people for 15 years and also worked as minister for many times. While Ahmed Shareef elected twice, the remaining MLAs - Jaganmohan Reddy, Ramdev Reddy and S.J. Begum - won only one time in the constituency.
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 T. Ram Mohan Reddy Congress Koppula Harishwar Reddy TRS 5163
2009 Koppula Harsihwar Reddy TDP T. Ram Mohan Reddy Independent 33117
2004 Koppula Harishwar Reddy TDP K. Ram Reddy TDP 1648
1999 Koppula Harishwar Reddy TDP K. Ram Reddy Congress 8616
1994 Koppula Harishwar Reddy TDP K. Ram Reddy Congress 34516
1989 Kamatam Ram Reddy Congress Koppula Harishwar Reddy TDP 4089
1985 Koppula Harishwar Reddy TDP Ahmed Shareef Congress 32160
1983 Ahmed Shareef Congress Koppula Harishwar Reddy Independent 85
1978 Ahmed Shareef Congress-I K. Ram Reddy Congress 8573
1972 Kamatam Ram Reddy Congress Ananth Reddy Independent 12729
1967 Kamatam Ram Reddy Independent Ahmed Shareef Congress 850
1962 M. Rama Deva Reddy Congress Kommu Harijana Sudershanam Independent 6974

Other Important Leaders

Rampuram Sailesh Reddy is a well educated person who has been worked in many prominent news channels and others. This media person is expecting assembly seats of Parigi or Mahbubnagar.
Amukha Siva Keshav is a senior journalist worked as a senior correspondent in many channels like TV-9, Z News and Z 24. Leading a information survey network agency, Siva is joining hands with political leaders to debut in politics.

Important projects,Institutions

The Wind Power Project located in Vikarabad is one of the best plants in the country that produces 100 MW electricity. Besides, the solar power plants are also established in the constituency. Steel plant projects, Laknapur medium irrigation project and many industries are located in the constituency.

Pending issues

In terms of education, Parigi needs to be improved. It lacks government schools, junior colleges and degree colleges. Irrigation water sources are also less in the constituency. Leaders need to develop Parigi by constructing government degree college and irrigation water projects.

Important places

Ramalingeswara temple in Pambanda, Laknapur Project in Parigi, Damagundam Sri Rama Lingeswara temple, Lakshmi Narasimha temple and Quli Qutb Shah forts in Mujahidpur are a few famous places located in the constituency.