Constituency : Assembly


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Total Voters :
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Female :
Puvvada Ajay Kumar
MP :
Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy

Voter details

Total population: 2,55,240; Men-1,29,881, Women-1,25,359 (as per 2011 census)

Total voters: 2,58,440 (as per the latest voters list); Men - 1,25,186 and Women - 1,33,217 and Others - 37

Key communities: Minorities and OCs play crucial role followed by BCs.


Reservation: General

Mandals in constituency: Khammam (Urban) and Raghunathapalem
Lok Sabha constituency: Khammam 
Khammam was formed as a dual -member constituency in 1952. B Krishnayya and RO Gurumurthy of PDF were elected as legislative members at that time. The left parties have tasted victory 10 times in Khammam, the cradle of communist movement. So far, elections were conducted 14 times, in which PDF and CPI jointly won for 5 times, CPM for 4 times, Congress and Congress-I for 4 times and TDF once. In 2009, Jalagam Venkat Rao, the sitting MLA of Sattupalli tried for Congress party ticket but failed and contested as an independent candidate. In the elections, TDP leader Thummala Nageswara Rao registered a victory. Participated in 2014 elections as a sitting MLA of TDP, Thummala was defeated by the Congress candidate Puvvada Ajay Kumar. Though he was unsuccessful in the 2014 elections, he became a minister in TRS government. And he was elected as an legislative member in Paleru by-elections and Congress leader Puvvada Ajay Kumar also joined into the TRS party just before the paleru by polls.
Politically, Khammam constituency is used to be the stronghold of Left parties. Though the left parties and Congress are stronger in the constituency, the political changes have put TRS in the lead, which won the 2016 Corporation elections leaving other parties behind.
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Puvvada Ajay Kumar Congress Thummala Nageswar Rao TDP 5609
2009 Thummala Nageswara Rao TDP Jalagam Venkat Rao Independent 2472
2004 Thammineni Veerabhadram CPM Balasani Laxminarayana TDP 9819
1999 Younis Sultan Congress Balasani Laxminarayana TDP 6787
1994 Puvvada Nageswar Rao CPI Zaheer Ali Mohammad Congress 23938
1989 Puvvada Nageswar Rao CPI K Durga Narasiamha Rao Congress 8095
1985 Manchikanti Ramkishan Rao CPM Mohammad Mujaffaruddin Congress 2670
1983 Manchikanti Ramkishan Rao CPM Anantha Reddy Kisari Congress 8450
1978 Kesara Anantha Reddy Congress-I Chirravoori Laxmi Narsaiah CPM 10420
1972 Mohd. Rajjab Ali CPI Mustafa Kamal Khan Congress 1747
1967 M. Razabali CPM S.S.P. Rao Congress 9524
1962 Nallamala Prasada Rao CPI Parcha Srinivasa Rao Congress 21673

Other Important Leaders

Koppu Naresh (President, Chamber of Commerce, Khammam), Mellacheruvu Venkateswarlu, Dr Gopinath, Kranthi Srinivas, Nagabatthini Ravi, Vaddiraju Ravichandra, Para Nageswara Rao (Granite Business) and others.

Important projects,Institutions

Nagarjuna Sagar major canal is famous in the constituency. In politics, education and agriculture the constituency has gained a special place in Telangana. Being home to various communist parties, Khammam is the cradle of leftist movements. Khammam market is one of the important markets in the state where cotton and chilli sales touch the sky and have a huge demand in international markets. In terms of education, Khammam stands first and apart from many famous educational institutes, Mamatha medical college is also a familiar name. Real estate and granite businesses are also expanding in the locality. Khammam fort, Sthambadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple, Shirdi Sai temple in Raghunadhapalem and Lakaram Tank Bund are a few of the famous places in Khammam.

Ongoing Programmes

Development works like roads and bridges construction, canals, pipeline works as part of Mission Bhagiratha project and double bedroom houses construction are underway in the constituency. Alongside, a survey is being conducted to asses the various aspects of constructing an ORR around Khammam. Modern bus stand development works with an investment of 25 crore, IT Hub establishment to address the issue of unemployment, parks development and some other in-city development works are currently undergoing. Lakaram Lake has been developed as a tourist spot.

Pending issues

Though many development works are in progress, Khammam still has many issues which demand immediate attention. Raod infrastructure should be upgraded and expanded meet the ever increasing traffic, and to withstand heavy down pour. As of now the lack of such facilities is causing a lot of problems to local. To improve the situtation in the district, drainage system needs to be improved. Drinking water problem and foot-over bridges construction at the bus stand centre have to be taken up at the earliest. The harmful gases emanating from the dumping yard and debris overflowing onto the sorrounding roads lead to the rise in mosquitoe population thereby affecting severly the health of the residents. Gollapadu Channel works, Double bedroom houses construction and RAY scheme works to make Khammam slum-free have to be finished as soon as possible.

Important places

Sthambadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple, Guntamalleswara Swami temple, Gosala near Tekulapalli, Khammam fort and Lakaram lake are a few interesting tourist spots.

Interesting Points

The constituency is embodiment of the phrase unity in diversity. Many merchants and workers from Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Odisha have migrated to and settled in Khammam. Just like Hyderabad, Khammam has also recorded considerable growth in many developmental avenues and is rich with varied cultures and traditions. The high production of chilli and cotton in and around the constituency led the big farmers to construct cold storage godowns. It has also witnessed significant development in the real estate sector for the past 10 years, increasing the number of hotels, parks in the contituency.