Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Mohd. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan
MP :
Asaduddin Owaisi

Voter details

Total registered voters: 3,22,485
Males: 1,66,023; Females: 1,56,430; Other: 32
Key communities: 
Muslims constitute about 62% of the total population and hence are a major factor influencing the outcome of the elections. Other communities which form the remaining 38% can also potentially decide the fate the candidates in the fray.


Reservation: General 
District of which it is a part: Hyderabad. 
Loksabha Constituency of which it is a part: Hyderabad 
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Mumtaz Ahmed Khan AIMIM Ch Roop Raj BJP 34420
2009 Mumtazahmed Khan AIMIM Hamza Bin Omer Al Jabri Bin Ateef MBT 43292
2004 Mumtaz Ahmed Khan AIMIM Mohammed Abdul Gani MBT 34616
1999 Mumtaz Ahmed Khan AIMIM Majidullah Khan (Alias) Farhatullah Khan MBT 31332
1994 Mumtaz Ahmed Khan MBT Syed Baqer Agha MIM 8657
1989 Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Masqati MIM Ali Raza INC 64257
1985 Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Masqati MIM Mohammad Zaidi TDP 49515
1983 Khaja Abu Sayeed MIM Syed Sarfaraz Ali IND 31636
1978 Baqerr Agha MIM Syed Hasan JNP 11694
1972 Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi MIM R. Anjiah BJS 16539
1967 K. Nizamuddin MIM S. R. Rao BJS 9907
1962 M. A. Rasheed INC Mir Mahbood Ali IND 3088

Important projects,Institutions

Some of the places of considerable historical and religious prominence include Nizam Museum, Paigah Tombs, Dargha Barhane Shah and an important research institution called CRIDA which is engaged in Agricultural research.

Ongoing Programmes

Several projects aimed at betterment of the civic amenities are being taken up in the constituency and these include laying of new CC roads and Sewer pipes, storm water drains. In addition works related to providing safe drinking water has also been taken up.

Pending issues

One of the major problems plaguing the constituency is that of unemployment. Widening the roads to in certain areas- yakutpura, Badabazaar, Choone ki batti, Qureshi line, Imambada, Rein bazaar meet the growing demand of the traffic is the need of the hour.
Continued neglect on the part of authorities in these areas resulted clogging of drains leading to inundation of the low lying areas of the constituency during heavy down pour. Locals are demanding authorities concerned to take up these works at the earliest.