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Total Voters :
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Ajmeera Rekha
MP :
Godam Nagesh

Voter details

TOTAL POPULATION: Total population of the constituency is 2,79,541 amongst Men:1,40,089; Women:1,39,452
TOTAL VOTERS: Total number of voters 1,85,235 amongst Men: 91,655; Women: 93,554; Others: 26
IMP COMMUNITIES: Majority of the constituency are STs.


DISTRICT: Khanapur constituency is located midst of three districts namely Nirmal, Mancherial and Adilabad.
MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: Khanapur, Kadem, Pembi and Dasthurabad mandals from Nirmal district. Jannaram from Mancherial district, Utnoor and Indravelli madals from Adilabad. Apart from aforesaid, five polling stations from Sirikonda mandal of Adilabad also belongs to Khanapur.
LOKSABHA: Adilabad
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Ajmeera Rekha TRS Rathod Ritesh TDP 38324
2009 Suman Rathod TDP Ajmeera Hari Naik Congress 36896
2008 Suman Ramesh Rathod TDP Mesram Nagorao Congress 0
2004 Ajmeera Govind Naik TRS Ramesh Rathod TDP 9191
1999 Rathod Ramesh TDP L. Bakshi Naik Congress 20016
1994 Ajmeera Govind Naik TDP Kotnak Bhim Rao Congress 42369
1989 Kotnak Bhim Rao Congress Govind Naik TDP 446
1985 Ajmera Govind Naik Independent Banotu Jalam Singh TDP 8502
1983 Ambajee Jadav Congress A. Govind Naik Independent 1261
1978 Ambajee Jadav Congress-I S. A. Devshah Congress 3743

Other Important Leaders

Paidipally Vamshi, Film director, Khanapur. He is the son of famous politician TRS leader Paidipally Ravinder Rao. Mr.Vamshi proved himself as a best filmmaker of Tollywood.

Important projects,Institutions

Kadem Narayana Reddy Project in Kadem mandal and Sadarmat dam of Khanapur mandal are the two important projects in the constituency.

Ongoing Programmes

Few development works are ongoing in the region including Sadarmat canal construction and restoration in Khanapur and Kadem mandals are in progress. Canal lining works of D-17 and D-28 are underway. Works of CC roads, Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha in Khanapur, Jannaram, Indravelli, Utnoor, Dasthurabad, Kadem, Pembi mandals are in progress. 80 Double bedroom houses for Indravelli and Utnoor are under construction.

Pending issues

From many years the people of Khanapur constituency are eagerly awaiting for the solutions to their constituency problems. The major problems of Khanapur is road-widening and to overcome this problem former MLA Rekha Nayak came forward with a central lightening system proposal to the government. Due to the lack of Gynecologist and other facilities in Khanapur government hospital, people of Khanapur, Kadem, Pembi, Dasthurabad mandals are facing severe problems. Construction of Double bedroom houses in Khanapur, Kadem, Pembi, Dasthurabad and Jannaram mandals are still in pending. Establishment of a court in Khanapur, degree college, Fire station, etc are still remains as a long dream for the people. Construction of a hospital with a limit of hundred beds is in Proposal. The demand for conversion of 30-bed hospital into 50 beds in Jannaram is still in pending.

Important places

Khanapur is an abode of nature where different species of flora and fauna reside. Every corner of the locale fascinates the visitors with true nature. The untouched beauty of this locale makes everyone to get away from a routine lifestyle. Sadarmat dam of Khanapur, Badankurthi ramparts, Dattatreya temple, Kadem Narayana Reddy Project are worth to visit.
To cherish the beauty of wildlife one needs to pay a visit to Kawal Tiger Reserve and Jannaram Deer Sanctuary. Nagoba temple in Keslapur, Indravelli is the perfect place to capture the true traditions of tribals and words fall short to describe Nagoba annual festival one must have to visit to know more about it. Martyrs memorial, ancient Lord Rama temple, ITDA office are to the list.

Interesting Points

Khanapur is the place which is benefited from the reorganisation of Telangana districts. A few mandals from Khanapur constituency were merged with three districts namely Mancherial, Nirmal and Adilabad. They merged, Kadem in Nirmal, Jannaram in Mancherial and Utnoor, Indravelli in Adilabad districts. There exists a special Tiger Reserve in the constituency.