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Nallala Odelu
MP :
Balka Suman

Voter details

TOTAL POPULATION: With a population of 2,07,610 amongst 1,05,457 Men and 1,02,153 Women; Chennur constituency remains at the cynosure in every election.
TOTAL VOTERS:Total number of voters in the constituency are 1,61,401; amongst Men: 81700, Women: 79,684; Others: 17
IMP COMMUNITIES: The constituency is reserved for SCs and the major communities of the locale are Dalits amongst Nethakani voters plays a crucial role, Mala, Madiga follows. BC voters stood third on the list. Amongst SC voters Nethakani voters 58 thousand, 35 thousand Mala voters, 30 thousand Madiga voters, 8 thousand Muslim voters and 15 thousand BC voters are there in the constituency. 73,648 voters are from Singareni Coal mine workers family.


DISTRICT: Mancherial
MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: Total no of mandals in the constituency:5 includes Kotipalli, Mandamarri, Chennur, Jaipur, Bheemaram.
LOKSABHA: Peddapalli
Chennur constituency was formed in the year 1952 and elections were held 13 times in the constituency, till 2014. Total 8 MLA's represented from the constituency and once it belongs to united Chennur-Sirpur constituency. Chennur local leader Suligala Vishwanatha Suri won as MLA from Socialist party. Later, Ex-minister, late G Venkata Swamy won as MLA from united Lakshettipet-Chennur constituency in the year 1957. In 1962, Chennur constituency was separated and formed into a single constituency.  
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Nallala Odelu TRS Gaddam Vinod Congress 26164
2010 Nallala Odelu TRS G Vinod Congress 44284
2009 Nallala Odelu TRS G. Vinod Congress 11549
2004 Dr.Dugyala Srinivasa Rao TRS Dr. Nemarugommula Sudhakar Rao TDP 0
1999 Dr. Nemarugommula Sudhakar Rao TDP Madhusudan Reddy Kunduru Congress 0
1994 N. Yethi Raja Rao TDP M. Jagannadham Congress 0
1989 N. Yethi Raja Rao TDP K. Madhusudhan Reddy Congress 0
1985 N. Yethiraja Rao TDP Kundur Venkatrama Reddy Congress 0
1983 Nemeragommula Yethiraja Rao Congress Kundur Madhusudhan Reddy Congress 0
1978 Neramugomula Yethiraja Rao Congress Nayani Chittaranjan Reddy JNP 0
1972 Kundoor Madhusudhan Reddy Independent Nemarugommulavimala Devi Congress 0
1967 N. R. Devi Congress N. Narsimhulu CPI 0
1962 Nemarugommula Yethiraja Rao SOC Muraharisetty Venkatramiah Congress 0
1957 S. Venkata Krishna Prasad Rao PDF N. Yethi Raja Rao Congress 0

Important projects,Institutions

Singareni Collieries Company Limited, a coal extracting company is an important project which sprawled across the constituency. It is the main source of livelihood for many people. Due to the presence of Singareni coal mines, the infrastructure of the constituency is developing rapidly. Apart from Singareni Coal mines, the constituency also homes 100 MW Power plant, Golla Vagu and Neelwai Projects.

Important places

The cascades of the mighty river Godavari and Pranahitha passes through the meanders of the locale and turn the barren lands into fertile ones. In general, the river Godavari flows from West to East but whereas in Chennur it flows towards the North till Kosa. Therefore, in local, it is called as 'Panchkosi Uttara Vahini'. There exist many historical and ancient temples in the region. Hundreds of visitors from across the nation throng to this locale to get drench in the spirituality.
Here is a list of temples one needs to visit while in Chennur trip; Amba Agasthyeshwara Temple, Jaganatha Swamy Temple, Katherashala Mallikarjuna Swamy temple, Lord Rama temple in Suddala, Koti Lingala Area, Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple In Jaipur mandal, etc. Apart from these, nature hearts can enjoy a few hours in Crocodile Sanctuary in Somanpalli and on the Banks of the River Pranahitha at Arjun Gutta. Kumbamambas inscriptions and remnants of historical sites of Kundaram, Gandhara Khilla in Mandamarri, Parupalli Bauravakonda in Kotipalli mandal, etc will surely satiate the thirst of history lovers.

Interesting Points

Numerous Singareni Coal mine employees contended in elections and many of them won. From Kodati Rayamallu to Sothku Sanjeev Rao and Boda Janardhan are once served as Singareni employees.