Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Rathod Bapurao
MP :
Godam Nagesh

Voter details

Total population of the constituency 2,64,202; amongst Men: 1,42,304; women: 1,21,898
TOTAL VOTERS: Total voters of the constituency 1,80,713; amongst Men: 89,238; Women:91,459; Others:16 
IMP COMMUNITIES: Banjaras and Adivasis plays a crucial role in Boath constituency. It seems that Adivasis are going to elect the candidate from their own community. Therefore, all political parties are in a plan to give a party ticket for Adivasi candidate. 24 thousand votes of Adivasis plays a crucial role to decide the winner.


DISTRICT: Adilabad
MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: 1, Boath, 2. Neradigonda, 3. Gudihathnoor, 4. Tamsi, 5. Talamadugu, 6. Bazarhathnoor, 7.Ichoda, 8. Sirikonda, 9. Bhimpur
LOKSABHA: Adilabad
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Rathod Bapurao TRS Jadhav Anil Kumar Congress 26993
2009 Godam Nagesh TDP Anil Kumar Jadhav Congress 51145
2004 Soyam Bapurao TRS Godam Nagesh TDP 53940
1999 Godam Nagesh TDP Kodapa Kosu Rao Congress 49155
1994 Godam Nagesh TDP Kishan Chauhan Congress 51593
1989 Godam Rama Rao TDP Amar Singh Tilawat Congress 17806
1985 Godam Rama Rao TDP Sidam Bheem Rao Congress 25539
1983 Kasiram Marsakota Congress Vannela Ganga Reddy CPI 18704
1983 Kasiram Marsakota Congress Vannela Ganga Reddy CPI 18704
1978 T. Amar Singh Congress-I Ganesh Jadhav JNP 22333
1972 S. A. Devshah Congress Arka Rama Rao CPI 24181
1967 S. A. Devshah Congress D.A.Rao CPI 16299
1962 C. Madhav Reddy Congress Raja Reddy CPI 15990

Important projects,Institutions

Mathadi Vagu Project

Ongoing Programmes

Construction of 150 Double bedroom houses are in progress. Government gave green signal to build Kupti project in Neradigonda mandal and Gomutri reservoir. Beautification works at Kuntala waterfalls are under progress.

Pending issues

Need to increase safety measures at Kuntala waterfalls. Roadworks from Boath mandal to Adelli Pochamma temple of Nirmal district are still in pending. If Kupti project completed, Kuntala waterfalls will glitter with shimmering falls throughout the year.

Important places

Nature of this local allure the visitors with its majestic nature and moreover with gushing waterfalls. Thousands of visitors from across the world throngs to this locale to capture the beautiful vistas of Kuntala waterfall, Pochhera waterfall, Gayatri waterfall, Kanakai waterfall and Gunjala waterfall. A trip to this destination will render immense pleasure to your gang.

Interesting Points

There is an internal conflict in between the TRS party MP and MLA. TRS party issued the ticket to Rathod Babu Rao. Definitely, Adivasi movement will show its effect on elections.