Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Koppula Eshwar, TRS
MP :
Balka Suman

Voter details

Total no of voters: 2,02,661; Men: 99,775; Women: 102883; Others: 3


Name of constituency: Dharmapuri
Reservation: SC
District: Jagtial
Mandals in constituency: Dharmapuri, Buggaram, Gollapally,Velgatoor, Pegadapally, Dharmaram
Lok Sabha constituency: Peddapalli (SC)
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Koppula Eshwar TRS Adluri Lakshman Kumar Congress 18679
2010 Koppula Eshwar TRS Adluri Lakshman Kumar Congress 40000
2009 Koppula Eshwar TRS Adluri Lakshman Kumar Congress 1370

Other Important Leaders

The other prominent people from the constituency are Sangabatla Narsaiah, a famous poet, writer, historian and is also a theatre artist. He wrote various novel and performed many stage shows as an artist. He is a free-lance journalist and won Mission Kakatiya award. He got retired as the principal of SLNSA college.
He belongs to Chilvakodur of Gollapally and has won various awards for his writings.

Important projects,Institutions

The works of Medaram reservoir were completed recently and an approximate amount of R.s 70 crores were spent on these works. The construction of underground tunnels of Medaram under package-6, associated with Kaleshwaram project is in progress. Around R.s 20 crores were sanctioned for the development of Bol Cheruvu, repairs to Bandam project, Kamalapur protected drinking water scheme. But all these three works are still pending. If the works of project completes then there is a chance of meeting the irrigation needs of thousands of acres of land in the constituency.

Ongoing Programmes

Rs.50 crores were sanctioned for the development of roads, bridges and culverts. Rs. 2 crores were granted for the beautification of Chintamani lake. The works of the development of Dharmapuri temple are still pending.

Pending issues

There are many pending issues in this constituency. The roadway towards Nandi chowrastha and Pochamma temple is very narrow and the widening of this road works are not grounded. As a result tourists are facing severe trouble. The construction of Akapally reservoir hasn't taken place yet. Drinking water problem is a longlasting in the constituency. The works of Kamalapur drinking water scheme is still pending and therefore the problem of drinking water remained as a stumble block. The floride issue in Gunjapadugu and s Junior college in Pegadapalli, harzadous release of chemicals from the blasting of crushers in Velgatooru are also a few unresolved problems in the constituency.

Important places

Dharmapuri is one amongst the 108 holy shrines of in South India and is also known as South Kasi. This holy place has got historical and mythological prominence and is located on the banks of the river Godavari. A folklore says that a king by name Dharmavarma ruled this place and hence called as Dharmapuri. The other important places are Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy temple, Sri Ramalingeshwara Swamy temple and Sri Yama Dharma Raju temple is also present on the premises of this locality. Many believe that those who pay a visit to this locale will go to heaven. Brahmapushkarini built by Boya king and a pillar made with sand also intrigues the visitors.
The Kotilingala temple has also gained historical prominence. The coins which got excavated revealed that Srimukha of Satavahana dynasty ruled this place. The Koteshwaraswamy temple besides the Yellampally backwaters is also one of the famous tourist spots. On the names of Satakarni and Pulomavi, boats were arranged for the visitors to have a trip on the waters of Godavari by the tourism department.

Interesting Points

Dharmapuri constituency was formed newly in 2009. The leaders Gurram Madhava Reddy, Tatiparthi Jeevan Reddy, Juvvadi Narayan Rao, Juvvadi Ratnakar Rao, Katari Devendar Rao, Gujjula Ramakrishna Reddy, Gangula Kamalakar from TDP, Congress, BJP, TRS contested from Choppadandi, Jagtial, Maharajgunj, Buggaram, Karimnagar, Peddapalli constituencies and won as MLAs. Narayan Rao was the speaker of Legislature during TDP government and Jeevan Reddy and Ratnakar Rao worked as ministers during the Congress rule. Jeevan Reddy and Kamalakar are the MLAs. Koppula Eshwar was the chief whip. BJP leader Laksman Kumar, Kannam Anjaiah and TDP member Jadi Bal Reddy are likely to contest against Koppula Eshwar.