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S.Rajender Reddy
MP :
AP Jithender Reddy

Voter details

Total Population: Total population of the constituency is 2,86,544 lakhs; amongst Men: 1,43,193; Women: 1,43,351
TOTAL VOTERS: 1,98,551;
Men: 98,874; Women: 99,662; Others: 15
Polling Booths: 228
IMP COMMUNITIES: BC community dominant in the constituency amongst Mudiraj community stood atop.


DISTRICT: Mahbubnagar
MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: Koilkonda, Marikal, Danwada, Narayanapeta mandal along with municipality, Damaragiri.
LOKSABHA: Mahbubnagar
This constituency was formed in the year 2009, after the formation of Telangana state. Before 2009, it was under Mukthal constituency. During the first election, all the three major parties including Congress, TDP and BJP have fought fiercely to win the first election in which TDP candidate Yelkoti Yella Reddy won from this constituency with a majority of 12000 votes against his rival Congress party's Sugappa. This constituency is famous for handlooms and pure gold. This constituency also comes under division which includes Nakthal, Devarakadra, Kodangal, Narayanpet constituencies. In 2014, TDP party candidate S Rajender Reddy defeated his nearest rival TRS party's K. Shivakumar Reddy. 
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 S.Rajender Reddy TDP K.Shivakumar Reddy TRS 2270
2009 Yelkoti Yella Reddy TDP Sugappa Congress 12143

Important projects,Institutions

There are no major projects in the constituency. The upland areas get water from Koilsagar project to Marikal and to few villages of Danwada through canals. While other parts of the constituency depends on a few borewells and rains.

Ongoing Programmes

Road extension works with a worth of 28.50 crores, Works of BT road from Damaragiri to Narayanpet, construction of Tank Bund at Marikal and a few electric sub-stations are in progress.

Pending issues

The major issue of this constituency is lack of irrigation water. There is no railway facility for this region and survey works of Krishna Munirabad lines are still in pending.