Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Shakeel Ahmed
MP :
Kalvakuntla Kavitha

Voter details

Total population: 2,77,782
Total voters: 1,86,478; Men - 90,441, Women- 96,029 and Others -08
Key communities: Kapu, Reddy, Minority, Mudiraj, Gouds, Devangi, SCs, Settler votes will play a crucial role in deciding the election’s result.


Reservation: General
Mandals in constituency: Bodhan, Ranjal, Yedapalli and Navipeta
Lok Sabha constituency: Nizamabad
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Shakeel Ahmed TRS Sudarshan Reddy Congress 0
2009 Sudarshan Reddy Congress Shakeel Ahmed TRS 0
2004 Sudarshan Reddy Congress Abdul Khader TDP 0
1999 Sudarshan Reddy Congress K. Ramakanth TDP 0
1994 Basheeruddin Babu Khan TDP T. Narsimha Reddy BJP 0
1989 Kotha Ramakanth TDP Sudarshan Reddy Congress 0
1985 Basheeruddin Babu Khan TDP Annapa Reddy Hanimi Reddy Congress 0
1983 D. Sambasiva Rao TDP M. Narayan Reddy Independent 0
1978 Gulam Samdhani Congress-I M. Narayan Reddy Congress 0
1972 Narayan Reddy Congress Renukadas Rao Independent 0
1967 R.B. Rao Independent K.V. Reddy Congress 0
1962 Allu Dasavatharam Congress Gorripati Butchi Apparao SWA 0

Other Important Leaders

Majority of people belongs to Bodhan work and got fame in Gulf, America and other countries. Agriculture has been developed because of the settlers.

Important projects,Institutions

Nizam Sugars which is known as Asia’s one of the largest sugar factories is located in this constituency. Established during the Nizam dynasty, since then, the factory has been providing employment to many workers. Hundreds of farmers cultivate Sugarcane in the area. And the confluence of Godavari, Manjira and Haridra rivers happen in Kandakurthi village of the constituency.

Ongoing Programmes

Nizam Sagar canals development works and Manjira-Godavari river basin lift irrigation works are in progress. Meanwhile, the Mission Bhagiratha pipeline and NH road works are still underway.

Pending issues

Nizam Sugars problems have been continuing since it was shut down for good. This caused unemployment and less production of Sugarcane. So, farmers have started cultivating other crops like Soya and Rice, which has no relevant industries.

Important places

Ali Sagar Lake in Yedapalli, Confluence of three rivers in Kandakurthi, Hanuman temple in Tungini, Eka Chakreswara temple in Bodhan, Narsimha Swami temple in Jankampet, Gautameshwar temples in Binola and Pampa Kavi tomb in Bodhan are a few historical and tourist spots to visit in the constituency.

Interesting Points

Senior politicians in the locality failed to bring agricultural industries. Majority of the villages that cultivate Rice in the district are located in this constituency. Besides Rice, Soya and Sugarcane are the most cultivated crops in Bodhan.