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Voter details

Population of Contituency: 2,37,132
Men: 118,812
Women: 118,314
Total registered voters: 2,17,958
Men: 1,08,246
Women: 1,09,695
Others: 17 
Key communities:
Despite majority of the constituency's population belonging to Dalit community, thier votes have little effect on the fate of the candidates contesting in the elections. Reddy community is dominant in the constituency and has considerable political clout.


Name of the constituency: Andole
Reservation: SC
District: Five mandals of Sangareddy and three mandals of Medak district
Mandals in the Costituency: Andole, Pulkal, Vatpalli Munipalli and Raikode mandals of Sangareddy district; Alladurgam, Raygode and Tekmal mandals in Medak district.
Loksabha constituency: Zaheerabad
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Babumohan TRS C. Damodar Rajanarasimha Congress 3291
2009 C. Damodar Rajanarasimha Congress Babumohan TDP 2906
2004 C. Damodar Rajanarasimha Congress Babumohan TDP 24846
1999 Palli Babumohan Rao TDP C. Damodar Rajanarasimha Congress 513
1998 Palli Babumohan Rao TDP C. Damodar Rajanarasimha Congress 10554
1994 Malyala Rajaiah TDP C. Damodar Rajanarasimha Congress 20759
1989 C.R. Damodar Congress Malyala Rajaiah TDP 3014
1985 Malyala Rajaiah TDP Silarapu Rajanarasimha Swantantra 16463
1983 H. Lakshman Congress J. Eshwareebai RPI 10515
1978 Cilarapu Rajanarasimha Congress Sadanandam Congress(I) 738
1972 Cilarapu Rajanarasimha Congress L. Kumar Independent 13901
1967 Cilarapu Rajanarasimha Congress K.Eshawarappa Independent 9757
1962 S. Lakshmidevi Congress Basva Manayya Independent 18985

Other Important Leaders

He belongs the peddareddy peta of Pulkal Mandal. Earlier he has served as collector of several districts and presently is the Election commissioner of the Telanagana

Important projects,Institutions

Singur Project:
This is the only irrigation project in the constituency. The project was built to meet the water requirements of Twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. But under the government of YSR, a quantum of water from this project has been allocated towards water requirements of 40000 acres in Andole constituency.
Though the government of that day released Rs.89 crores for the construction of canal to draw water from the project, works could not be completed on time. When TRS came to power, Irrigation minister Harish Rao, made sure that the construction of the canal is completed and water allotted. constituency has received water without any interruption  in the last three agricultural seasons.
JNTU Engineering college.
Damodar Rajanarasimha's efforts, has directly led to the establishment of this engineering college. JNTU college, an sub-campus of JNTU Hyderabad, is established with an investment of Rs. 340 crores and is spread over 100 acres. It is located adjacent to national highway near Pulkal mandal.

Ongoing Programmes

In the addtion to the development works already planned, special emphasis is being laid on works related to irrigation. The construction of canals from Singur projectis has already been completed. Contruction of Right canal of Singur project is currently underway.
Besides these, works of Renuka Yellamma Lift Irrigation Project near Talmel village of Andole mandal, involving an investment of Rs. 38 crore were recently commenced. It is expected to provide irrigation facilities to nearly 28 villages in the constituency. A lift irrigation near vatpalli mandal and another one to draw water from 'Gunduvagu' has received approval from the government and works will be commenced shortly.

Pending issues

Creation of Revenue division:
Jogipeta of Andole constituency is important and located in the middle of the constituency making it easily accessible. Though it was to be made into a separate revenue division-owing to its geographical features-it lost its significance due the Reorganization of districts taken up by the government.
In the reorganization process four mandals were merged with Sangareddy district, and another three mandals were made part of Medak district, and as a result its geographical extent was reduced, casting shadow over creation of a separate revenue division.
Bus depot
Jogipeta is also a hub for trade and other educational institutions. Locals of nearly 10 mandals frequent this place to conduct business and for other purposes. Despite possessing such a significance, it lacks a bus depot, which if established would be beneficial to locals and promote development. Many promises were made by previous governments but nothing has been materialized on the ground so far.

Important places

Singur project
Singur project has become a fomous tourist attraction. During Rainy season, when the project is filled with water, people from neighbouring flock to this place to the enjoy the scenery.

Interesting Points

A interesting public perception about this contituency is that the party whose candidate wins election in this constituency, will go on to establish a government.
Another strange notion harbored by people in general about this constituency is that if a minister in the government contests from this segment, he is bound to loose in the elections.
Though several elections results support to this notion, Damodar Rajanarasimha is the only one who seemed to have broken this jinx in 2009 when he won in 2009 elections. Nonetheless, he could not escape this fate in 2014 elections when he contested and lost in the .
Start election campaign from Jeevanmuktha Temple and victory is guaranteed!
Jeevanmukhta temple located in Antaram village of Munipalli village is a well known spiritual center in the constituency. Most politicians have a sentiment that starting election campaign from this temple with the blessing of diety guarantees victory in the elections. Thus, candidates of all the major political their campaign from this temple.