Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka
MP :
Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy

Voter details

Total population: 2.68lakh
Men: 134464; Women: 133536; Others: 9
Total voters: 2,00,026
Men: 98,479; Women: 1,01,538 and Others: 9
Important communities in the constituency
SC community is majority in this constituency. Madiga community comprises a major proportion of SC population. All the political parties field candidates belonging to Madiga community.


Reservation: SC
District to which it belongs: Khammam
Mandals in the constituency: Madhira, Errupalem, Bonakal, Chinthakani, Mudigonda
Lok sabha constituency to which it belongs: Khammam
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka Congress Lingala Kamalaraju CPM 13537
2009 Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka Congress Lingala Kamalaraju CPM 1470
2004 Katta venkatanarsaiah CPM Seelam Siddha Reddy Congress 4000
1999 Kondabala Koteshwara Rao TDP Katta Venkatanarsaiah CPM 5000
1998 Katta Venkatanarsaiah CPM Seelam Sidha Reddy Congress 4000
1994 Bodepudi Venkateshwararao CPM Seelam Sidha Reddy Congress 9000
1989 Bodepudi Venkateshwararao CPM Seelam Sidha Reddy Congress 7000
1985 Bodepudi Venkateshwararao CPM Seelam Sidha Reddy Congress 9000
1983 Seelam Sidha Reddy Congress Bodepudu Venkateshwararao CPM 11000
1978 Bandaru Prasada Rao Congress-I M. Narasimharao Janata 0
1972 Duggineni Venkatramamma Congress Bodepudi Venkateshwararao CPM 0
1967 Duggineni Venkaiah Congress Bodepudi Venkateshwararao CPM 0
1962 Duggineni Venkaiah Congress R. Sankararo Independent 0

Other Important Leaders

Dr. Kota Rambabu (Physician)
Being a physician, he has been extending medical services in the constituency for the past seven years and is a supporter of the TRS.
Puthambaka Srikrishnaprasad
As an artist potraying characters in epics and folklore, he earned fame at state and national level. He made political entry through TDP and served as TDP's president in the district, as the chairman of the state meat and poultry development corporation and as the chairman of state police housing corporation. He also has brief stint in Congress and is presently with TRS party. Though he joined TRS on the invitation of a minister, he continues to be more an artist than a politician.

Important projects,Institutions

Jaalimudi project being constructed on Wyra river near Jaalimudi, is envisaged to provide water for irrigation and drinking purporses to mandals of Madhira, Errupalem and Bonakal. The first phase of the project construction is nearing completion and some villages in Madhira and Bonakal mandals have already started receiving water.

Ongoing Programmes

A tankbund is being built at Madhira cheruvu (lake)

Pending issues

Proposal for construction of a low-level bridge over rail track is pending with authorities for over a decade. Industrial development, establishment of the leather park are some of the demands that are yet to be materialized. Inoperative drainage system, construction of the checkdam between Madupalli and Madhira are other issues requiring immediate solution.

Important places

Sri Venkateshwara Swami temple located in Errumpalem village of Jamalapuram mandal is a famous tourist attraction.

Interesting Points

Though, the constituency is politically dominated by TDP and left parties, but in the intense competition between these two and Congress and left parties have won from this constituency. But changing political scenario resulted in TRS gaining prominence and TDP loosing it as some of the latter's cadre have shifted to TRS. Even left parties have been ceeding ground to TRS. Though Congress is in better position compared to TDP and left parties, its leader in the constituency has become a matter of concern due to his bad reputation of catering more of his time to political issues than to developmental issues in the constituency. Under his tenure of last five years, no significant development has taken place in the constituency