Date of birth : 05-12-1976
Place of birth : Pothulaboguda, Vatpally mandal
Parents : Chanti Komaramma (late) and Chanti Bhumaiah
Spouse : Padmavathi (Journalist)
Qualifications : BA (LLB) and CEO of TV 1 channel
Political Background >
It is quite impossible to sustain in politics without money, followers and tactics. But, being a journalist, Kranthi Kiran who has no financial strength and fewer followers got succeeded in getting the Assembly ticket from the ruling party. For the past three years, Kiran has been touring the Andole constituency to bring an awareness about the situations people are facing and he was successful. The journalist has been maintaining a cordial relationship with the supremo of TRS since the Telangana state movement. Participated in the movement. Kiran often meets the CM and gets appreciation from KTR, Kavitha and other prominent leaders of the party for his behaviour. Meanwhile, Babu Mohan lost value among the public for his behaviour. All these issues helped Kranthi Kiran to get Andole Assembly ticket to contest in the upcoming elections. Contested from the constituency in the 2018 elections, Kiran defeated the Congress leader Damodar Raja Narasimha with a majority of 16,510 votes.
Interesting info >
He served as the ZPTC chairman of Ramachandrapuram on Congress ticket. IN 2009, he contested as an independent candidate from Andole constituency but was unsuccessful.