Date of birth : 10-01-1966
Place of birth : Bahupeta, Elkathurthy (M)
Parents : Bondaiah
Spouse : Padmavati
Qualifications : MA, LLB.
Political Background >
Marri Venkata Swamy has been active in politics since his school days. Joined in AISF in 1978, he later became the joint secretary of AISF, Warangal town. In the next years, he served as the AISF incharge in SRR Degree College (1984-1986), AISF state president (1992) and AISF chief secretary (1993). He continued as a lawyer even he is serving as the district secretary of CPI in 2005. Later he joined in CPPM party in 2015. As all the MLAs resigned in support of Telangana movements, he contested on CPI ticket from Huzurabad in the 2006 by-elections but as unsuccessful.
Business & Properties >
He owns agricultural lands
Interesting info >
Since he was a student, Venkata Swamy has been participating in many movements and when he was in CPI and CPM parties, he fought against land grabbing issues in the support of public. Though he has no position in CPM, he is going to contest from Manakondur constituency on BLF ticket. Belonging to SC community, the politician has cordial relations with the people of other communities and trying to win as an MLA.