Date of birth : 6-9-1945
Parents : Gulam Ghouse Khan
Place of birth : Hyderabad
Qualifications : 12th standard
Political Background >
He made entry into politics through MBT and was elected MLA. Changed political scenario landed him into Majlis and he gave the party four victories in the electoral battles. But this time around, news doing the rounds suggest that either Mumtaz Khan or his son Dr. Imtiaz Khan would get party's nomination to contest in the coming elections.
Mumtaz Khan, MLA from Yakatpura, is relative of Late Amanullah Khan who is the founder of MBT party. He is well known in the constituency as ardent follower of Amanullah Khan. He into realestate business in areas of Yakutpura and Bahadurpura. He earlier served as Municipal Councilor of Riasatnagar Division and also contested in 1994 elections from Yakutpura Constituency. Later he moved into Majlis. During the period between 1994 and 2014 he registered five straight wins in the elections held to this constituency 
Role in Developmental activities:
He has very long and deep association with the constituency owing to his five successive wins from this constituency. He has a major contribution in the development of this constituency. Every developmental initiatives taken up in the constituency has behind it the efforts of Mumtaz Ahmed Khan.