Date of birth : 02/05/1958
Place of birth : Khanapur
Parents : M.Venkat Reddy, Shakuntala
Spouse : Veena Reddy
children : Rohith, Sumith
Qualifications : Law from Delhi University
Political Background >
Vijayapal Reddy inherited political knowledge from his father, late Venkat Reddy. He started his political journey with TDP party and worked as the leader of Telugu Yuvatha and was appointed as the chairman of district library organisation. He was elected MLA from Naryankhed in 1994. He didn't taste the success after 1994 elections and lost continuously in 2004, 2009, 2014 and 2016 elections.
Business & Properties >
Businesses: No
Assets and liabilities: According to 2014 elections, his assets were Rs. 3 crores and liabilities were Rs. 10 lakhs.