Date of birth : 19/04/1965
Place of birth : Kunavaram village, Polavaram mandal of Khammam district
Parents : Puvvada Nageshwarrao, Vijayalakshmi
Spouse : Vasantha Lakshmi
children : Nayanraj
Political Background >
Puvvada Ajay inherited political legacy of his father Puvvada Nageshwar, a veteran communist leader. His father was well known as the MLA of Khammam, as MLC and is also a State and National leader of CPI. But to everyone's surprise, Ajay followed his father by choosing politics as his career but didn't have communist idealogies. He joined YCP and became the Convenor of Khammam district.
Ajay quit YCP as Ponguletti Srinivas Reddy joined the party. Later, Ajay joined Congress and within a short span of time he won the MLA ticket. In 2014 elections, he defeated TDP senior leader Tummala Nageshwar Rao. Due to some consequences, Tummala joined TRS and played a key role in the developmental activities of Khammam district. Ajay being the friend of KTR, joined TRS.
Developmental Activities:
Ajay concentrated on the developmental activities of Khammam. He aims to make Khammam a IT hub and so far has spent Rs. 25 crores in constructing this hub in khammam. Both minister and MLA brought about R.s 1,000 crores to take up development activities in the constituency. Mr. Ajay also took up reconstruction of old roads, laying the new ones, extension of roads and giving face lift to the city through different means. The MLA brought funds for Gollapadu channel development, canal construction and also for Lakkavaram a tourist spot, Buggavagu canal construction, etc. He always maintains a cordial relationship with the people, though a bit indifferent with the party members.
Business & Properties >
Ajay owns Mamata Medical college in Khammam, a PG College and also a new medical college in Hyderabad.
Assets and Liabilities:
As per the affidavit filed during 2014 elections, his assets were Rs.19 crores and liabilities were Rs.9.0 crores.
Interesting info >
Though Puvvada Ajay and Tummula Nageswarrao have political differences, it is not an impediment to the development of the constituency. Ajay has a very good relationship with various CPI leaders and also has a close relationship with KTR, son of Chief Minister and also minister for IT.