children : Gopi Krishna, Vaishnavi
Date of birth : 08/11/1966
Parents : Vijayalakshmi, Govindarao
Place of birth : Vapally village, Elligedu mandal
Political Background >
He started his political career in 1985 by joining TDP. He worked as the president of TDP from 1993-995 and also as the president of Telugu Yuvata in 2001-2004. He was the district general secretary of TDP from 2004-2006 and later worked as the organising secretary from 2006-2008. He was the party president of united Karimnagar district from 2010-2016 and later became the party president of Peddapally district. He worked as the Julapally ZPTC from 1995-2001 and lost in 2001 from Odela constituency as ZPTC. He contested on TDP party's ticket in 2009 from Pedapally constituency and won as MLA but lost in 2014 elections. He shifted his loyalties to Congress in 2017.
Business & Properties >
Businesses: No
Assets and liabilities: According to 2014 affidavit, his assets were Rs. 70 lakhs and liabilities were Rs. 5 lakhs.