Name : Bandi Sanjay
Date of birth : 11/07/1971
Parents : Sakuntala, Narsaiah
Spouse : Aparna
children : Sai Bhagiratha, Sai Sumukh
Political Background >
Bandi Sanjay Kumar became an RSS member when he was just 12. Later rose to ABVP town president and state executive member. He also worked as director of Co-operative Urban bank twice between 1994-1999. He worked as incharge of election canvassing in NewDelhi. He worked as BJYM town secretary, town preident, national secretary of Kerala and incharge of Tamilnadu. He was also entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring seamless functioning of LK Advani's vehicle during Suraj Ratha Yatra. Presently, he is the BJP's official representative of the state and is the corporator of 48th division.
Business & Properties >
Businesses: No
Assets and liabilities:
According to 2014 affidavit, his assets were Rs. 13 lakhs and liabilities were zero.