Date of birth : 18-10-1982
Place of birth : Metpally, Karimnagar
Parents : Balka Suresh, Muttamma
Spouse : Balka Rani Alekya
children : Suhan
Qualifications : PhD in English literature, Osmania University
Political Background >
He started his political career with TRS in the year 2001. Worked as president of Osmania University campus student wing for TRS. He actively participated in Telangana Movement for separate statehood and worked hard to strengthen the movement. He played a crucial role to spread the protests across the Osmani University which strengthen the Telangana Agitation across the state. In 2014, he contested on TRS party ticket from Peddapalli constituency and defeated his nearest rival Congress party candidate G Vivekanand and became MP. During Telangana agitation, hundred cases were filed against him and even imprisoned. He won against Congress candidate Venkatesh Neta with a majority of 28,132 votes.
Interesting info >
During Telangana Movement, Once former President of India, late A.P.J Abdul Kalam visited Osmania University to address the students. While Abdul Kalam was in speech, Balka Suman raised slogan of Jai Telangana and captured the attention of everyone.