Date of birth : 08-07-1950
Place of birth : Parvathagiri, Warangal district
Parents : Lakshmi Narasaiah, Venkatamma
Spouse : K. Vinayarani
children : Three daughters-Kavya, Divya, Ramya
Qualifications : M.Sc., from Osmania University
Political Background >
After serving two years in bank and 10 years in teaching profession, he joined TDP in the year 1987 in response of an invitation from NT Rama Rao. He was elected to Warangal Urban Development Authority (WUDA) as Chairman in the year 1988 and served as president of TDP Warangal district from 1987-994. He won Station Ghanpur Assembly constituency for thrice in the year 1994, 1999 and also in 2008 by-election. He handled different portfolios including irrigation, education, marketing and social welfare in the cabinets of both NTR and N. Chandrababu. Expressing his displeasure, he resigned from TDP over its ambivalent stand on separate Telangana, Mr. Srihari resigned from TDP in the year 2013 and joined TRS. He was offered Warangal MP ticket in the year 2014 and he was successful in voicing Telangana issues in Parliament. He resigned as MP after he was elected as MLC in the year 2015 and Chief Minister KCR inducted him in his cabinet and also made Deputy Chief Minister with portfolio of Education. He is member of TRS Politburo and also manifesto committee.
He concentrated on developing his home turf Station Ghanpur constituency, though it is being represented by MLA T. Rajaiah. He brought MP Lads for the development of Warangal constituency in a short span of one year's time as MP.
Business & Properties >
No businesses;
Assets, liabilities: As per the affidavit filed during Lok Sabha elections in 2014, his assets were Rs.1.34 crore and there were no liabilities.
Interesting info >
Kavya, one of his three daughters of Mr.Srihari is trying to get into politics and he also tried ticket from Station Ghanpur, his hometown.