Date of birth : 28/04/1946
Place of birth : Valluru village of Itikyala mandal
Parents : Venkatanna
Spouse : Vijayalaxmi
children : Two Daughters and One Son
Qualifications : M.B.B.S
Political Background >
He served as a doctor for 12 years in foreign and with the love towards Kurnool, he started giving health service to the people only at the cost of Rs.1. He won as Alampur MLA from congress party. During his tenure, the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna overflowed and majority of Alampur constituency got drowned. He took this issue to the government and got funds for the recovery of the village.
Business & Properties >
Assets and liabilities: According to 2014 affidavit, his assets were Rs. 78 lakhs and liabilities were Rs. 11 lakhs.
Interesting info >
He is continuing in his profession and joined TRS party. He is aspiring ticket in the forthcoming elections.