Date of birth : 04-10-1959
Place of birth : Koyagudem
Parents : Koram Pullaiah and Singamma
Spouse : Lakshmi
children : No
Qualifications : ITI
Political Background >
Kanakaiah had started his political journey as a Co-operative Director in Congress party. He also served as a market committee director, chairman of Tekulapalli ZPTC and committee member of District Planning Board. Contended and lost as an MLA in 2009 Assembly elections. Later in 2014, contested on Congress ticket and became the MLA of Yellandu and now continuing in TRS party.
He has relations with no political leaders.
Personal information >
With an aim to develop Yellandu, he joined TRS after elected as an MLA. He plays a crucial role in developing the constituency by constructing roads, bridges, road-widening, dividers and finishing off the Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha project works. He is the one who is behind the sanction of Rs 400 crore Mineral Foundation Trust funds for the constituency's development.
Business & Properties >
In the submitted affidavit, he mentioned that he possesses assets that value around Rs 9 lakh and 20 thousand. Alongside, he mentioned that he has a loan of Rs 18 lakh.
Interesting info >
Though he is an MLA, he personally observes the agricultural works. He is always available to locals to look into their problem and he made TRS party in the constituency after he joined in.