Date of birth : 14/04/1954
Place of birth : Beravollu mandal of Khammam district
Parents : Premamma, Anand Rao
Spouse : Indira Vijayalakshmi
children : Pawan Babu (Died in an accident in 2003), Udhay Babu
Political Background >
Babumohan, a die-hard fan of NTR, joined TDP . He got suggestions from NTR and under his guidance he contested from Amalapuram parliamentary constituency. He lost the seat and later joined his hands with Chandrababu Naidu. In 1998, the legislative member of Andole, Malyala Rajaiah, contested for Siddipet parliamentary constituency and resigned for the legislative membership of Andole. As a result a void existed in Andole constituency. Later with the help of KCR who was the then transport minister of the united state, Babu Mohan contested from Andole and won. Again in 1999 general elections, he won the seat and got ministerial berth as Labour and Factories minister in TDP government. Later, he lost in the two consecutive elections, 2004 and 2009. Just a month a head before 2014 elections, he joined TRS party and won the seat as MLA by defeating Congress senior leader, the then Deputy Chief Minister Damodara Raja Narasimha. He didn't have any relationship with KCR but KCR and Babu Mohan share a close talk.
Development Activities:
Babu Mohan actively participates in the developmental activities of Andole constituency. He was instrumental in completing the works of Singuru, which stayed incomplete even after 10 years of sanctioning R.s. 89 crores by the government of Congress. But just after 18 months, Babu Mohan after getting elected, finished off the work with great initiative received from Harish Rao. He also kept his fuller efforts in completing all the projects in Andole constituency like Renuka, Nirjapla and Gundu Vagula lift irrigation schemes. Within six months after his winning, he completed the left over works of the school. Though he behaves differently with the party members but he mingles with the people.
Business & Properties >
No businesses: Still continuing as actor.
Assets, liabilities:
As per the affidavit filed during 2014 elections, his assets were Rs.1.4 crore and there were no liabilities.
Interesting info >
Though he maintains close relation with Chief Minister KCR, surprisingly, he was denied TRS party ticket from Andole this time.