Date of birth : 1-7-1962
Place of birth : Jeelugumilli mandal, Marrigudem
Parents : Thati Katappa and Bullemma
Spouse : Ratnakumari
children : Mahalakshmi and Ravikumar
Qualifications : SSC
Political Background >
His political career began in CPI but in 1983 he joined TDP and became well known as student as well as follower of Thummala Nageswara Rao. He gradually rose to prominence ultimately becoming MLA. He was elected twice as MLA first from Boogrumpahad and next from Ashwaraopeta.
Business & Properties >
As per the affidavit filed during 2014 elections, total worth of his assets were Rs.4.09 crores and liabilities were Rs.57 lakhs.
Interesting info >
He maintains a cordial relationship with the people who have recently joined TRS and also with senior political leaders like MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy, Minister Tummala nageswara Rao. He has contributed significantly to the development of the constituency and left his mark.