Date of birth : 21-10-1965
Place of birth : Jatharla Village, Bazarhathnoor
Parents : Godam Rama Rao
Spouse : Godam Latha
children : one daughter and one son
Qualifications : M.A, M.Ed
Political Background >
He is one of the prominent leaders of the constituency. He has his own signature on the walls of politics of the constituency. In 1994 he contested on TDP party ticket from Boath constituency and defeated his nearest rival Congress party's Kishan Chauhan with a majority of 51593 votes. He was served as tribal minister in the state cabinet. Again, In 1999 he was elected as MLA by defeating his nearest rival Congress party's Kodapu Kosu Rao with a majority of 49155 from Boath constituency. In 2004 assembly elections, he contested on TDP party ticket and defeated by his rival TRS party's Soyam Bapurao with a majority of 53940 votes. He again elected as MLA from Boath constituency in the year 2009 over his rival Congress party's Anil Kumar Jadhav with a majority of 51145 votes. He shifted his loyalties from TDP to TRS in the year 2014 and elected as MP from Adilabad constituency.