Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy
MP :
Boora Narsaiah Goud

Voter details

TOTAL VOTERS: 2,06,790; Men: 1.03,418; Women: 1,03,360; Others: 12
IMP COMMUNITIES: Major communities of the constituency are Reddy, Madiga, Yadavs, Kurmas. Reddy community dominant in the constituency and plays crucial role to decide the winner.


MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: 1. Jangaon, 2. Bachannapet 3. Cheriyal 4. Komuravelli 5.Maddur 6. Narmetta 7. Tarigoppula
LOK SABHA: Bhuvanagiri
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Muthireddy Yadagiri Reddy TRS Ponnala Lakshmaiah Congress 32695
2009 Ponnala Lakshmaiah Congress Kommuri Pratap Reddy TRS 236
2004 Ponnala Lakshmaiah Congress Adaboina Basva Reddy TDP 23293
1999 Ponnala Lakshmaiah Congress Gadipelli Premalatha Reddy TDP 10883
1994 Charagonda Raji Reddy CPM Ponnala Lakshmiah Congress 24508
1989 Ponnala Laxmaiah Congress Ch. Raja Reddy CPM 6665
1985 Asireddy Narsimha Reddy CPM Ponnala Laxmaiah Congress 22217
1983 Laxma Reddy Rondla Independent Varda Reddy Kodoor Congress 9909
1978 Kodur Vardha Reddy Congress-I Asireddi Narasimha Reddy CPM 2371
1972 Kasani Narayana Congress Dubbudu Sree Ram Reddy Independent 6728
1967 M. K. Ahmed Congress E. N. Reddy CPM 3782
1962 Goka Ramalingam Congress Kandukuri Raghavulu CPI 14
1957 G. Gopal Reddy PDF G. Rama Lingam Congress 2996
1952 Sayyed A. Hussain PDF MD. Abidh Congress 7871

Other Important Leaders

Dr Ch Rajamouli, famous surgeon and is having Ravali Narsingh home. Contested as MP on PRP from Warangal in 2009. Dr. Lavakumar Reddy. Contested as Independent candidate in 2009 from Jangaon constituency. At present he is the chairman of Srinivas Nursing home and JIPS pharmacy college. Dr. P Sugunakar Raju, working as RMO of Jangaon area hospital. Recently his wife Dr Sudha Rani joined TRS party. Dr Arutla Dashamanth Reddy, working as an advocate of high court and he actively participated in Telangana movement and played a crucial role and served as chairman of Telangana Sadhana Samithi for a separate Jangaon district.

Important projects,Institutions

Chita Koduru Balancing reservoir was constructed with a capacity of 0.03 tmc. Aimed to supply drinking water to Jangaon and to supply irrigation for 4 thousand acres in future. Constructed Mallanna Gandi reservoir with a capacity of 0.04 tmc. Through pipeline from this reservoir water is being supplied to Tapospalli reservoirs of Bommakur, Veldonda, Ladnur and Komaravelli. Taposapalli reservoir was constructed with a capacity of 0.03 at Inapur, Komaravelli mandal. Aimed to supply irrigation water to Chriyal, Komuravelli, Kondapaka mandals.

Ongoing Programmes

Works of Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagiratha, NH road extension, collectorate complex buildings are in progress.

Pending issues

The works of Mission Bhagiratha which aimed to supply water to households of rural are completed 90 percent. Canal works to supply water from reservoirs is under construction. To eradicate the unemployment problem of the constituency, authorities are in a plan to establish food processing unit in the constituency.

Important places

The most prominent temple of the constituency is Komuravelli Mallanna temple which draws the devotees from different parts of the nation. During Maha Shivaratri, devotees throng to this temple to seek the blessings from Lord Shiva. Spiritualists can also pay a visit to Siddeshwara temple of Kodvaturu. Mallanna Gandi reservoir is another worth visit spot of the locale.