Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
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Female :
Alla Venkateshwar Reddy
MP :
A.P Jithender Reddy

Voter details

TOTAL POPULATION: Total population of the constituency is 2,90,488; amongst Men: 146281; Women: 144207
TOTAL VOTERS: 2,01,826; Men: 1,00,813; Women: 1,01,011 and Others: 2
IMP COMMUNITIES: BCs are dominant in the constituency and plays a crucial role to decide the winner. Votes in the constituency according to the caste; SC: 28000, Yadavs: 25000; Mudiraj: 22000; Valmiki Boya: 20000; Sagar(Uppara): 12000; Goud: 10000; Reddy: nearly 10000; Muslims: 6000; ST: 5000, aproximately. BC castes Mudiraj and Yadavs plays a crucial role in the elections. Their support will benefit the parties.


DISTRICT: Mahabubnagar
MANDALS IN CONSTITUENCY: Devarakadra, Chinna Chinthakunta, Bhutpur, Addakula, Moosapet, Kothakota(Wanaparthy), Madanapuram(Wanaparthy)
LOK SABHA: Mahabubnagar
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2014 Alla Venkateshwar Reddy TRS Pavan Kumar Congress 16922
2009 Seetha Dayakar Reddy TDP S.Swarna Sudhakar Congress 19036

Other Important Leaders

G. Madhusudhan Reddy (High Court Advocate), Ramkoti (state BC union).

Important projects,Institutions

Koilsagar, Shankarsamudram and Saralasagar projects. There are many industries exist in the constituency includes cotton seed and seed processing units in Bhutpur, asbestos sheets manufacturing company, MNR spinning mill, Cogent glass factory, Sneha chicken industry, Venkateshwara hatcheries, solar power plant in CCkunta, Addakula mandals etc. Knowledge centre in Madanpalli, Reddy Beedi company, Basheer Beedi company in CC Kunta.

Ongoing Programmes

The works of Karivena reservoir with a capacity of 19 tmc is under progress. Balance works of Sankarasamudram works are at final stage. Works of canals which aimed to supply water from Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation to 15 thousand acres of Ghanapur are going on. Koilsagar lining and extension works are underway. And authorities are in a plan to complete the works as soon as possible and to supply water for irrigation purpose for 12 thousand to 40 thousand acres. BT roads works for most of the villages is completed. Bridges across the streams, works of Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya are going on.

Pending issues

To provide job opportunity for unemployees, government initiated the Karivena reservoir which is the part of Palamur -Rangareddy. But, local people claims that the local authorities failed to provide employment to the youth.

Important places

One can capture the vistas of Koilsagar, Sarala Sagar, Kandur. To satiate the thirst of spiritual give a go to Ramalingeshwara temple, Kurumurthi Venkateshwara Swamy temple, Rajamur Anjaneya Swamy temple of the locale.

Interesting Points

Kurumurthi Venkateshwara Swamy temple is one of the intriguing temples of the constituency where Brahmotsavams fascinate the devotees with unique rituals. During Brahmotsavam, over the hilltop all the rituals takes place according to Vedic traditions but whereas at the foot of the hill, people used to offer animal sacrifice to village deities.