Constituency : Assembly


State :
District :
Total Voters :
Male :
Female :
Mahareddy Bhupal Reddy (TRS)
MP :
B. B. Patil

Voter details

Total population: 286240; Men:1,45,228 ; Women: 1,41,612
Total voters: 1,89,705; Men: 96,482; Women: 93,200


Reservation: Open
District: Sangareddy
Mandals in constituency: Narayankhed, Manoor, Nagalgidda, Kalhare, Sirgapoor, Kangti
Lok Sabha constituency: Zaheerabad
Year Winner Party Runner-Up Party Majority
2016 Patlolla Kistareddy Congress M.Vijayapal Reddy PRP 53625
2004 Suresh Kumar Shetkar Congress M.Vijayapal Reddy TDP 6326
1999 Patlolla Kistareddy Congress M. Vijayapal Reddy TDP 7557
1994 M. Vijaya Pal Reddy TDP Patlolla Kista Reddy Independent 21818
1989 P. Kistareddy Congress Venkat Reddy TDP 5338
1985 Shivarao Settkar Congress Venkat Reddy TDP 4456
1983 Venkat Reddy Independent Shivarao Settkar Congress 2940
1978 Shivarao Settkar Congress-I Venkat Reddy Venkat Reddy 11277
1972 Venkat Reddy Independent Shivrao Shetkar Congress 10657
1967 S. R. Shetker Congress A. R. R. Patel Independent 2208
1962 Ramchander Rao Deshpande SWA Appa Rao Shetkar Congress 7823
1957 Appa Rao Shetkar Congress Babu Shivlingappa Independent 11554

Important projects,Institutions

Nallavagu is the only medium irrigation project in the constituency and through its right and left bank canals of the project, approximately 5,900 acres of land is irrigated. Through the right canal, the lands of Kalhare village and through the left canal, a few districts in Pitlam mandal of Kamareddy gets benefited.

Ongoing Programmes

The developmental works of roads was halted but with the fasttrack works of the construction of the double-line roads, the constituency is getting a new look. Nizampet-Bidar and Hyderabad-Akola routes have been recognised as national highway and the works of construction of four-lane roads are going on a faster pace.

Pending issues

The main occupation of the people in this constituency is agriculture and due to the lack of employment opportunities, nearly 40 per cent of people are migrating to other places for their livelihood. The government is not taking any measures to restrict the flow of migrants. There are no industries in this constituency and ence the problem of unemployment rises.

Important places

Pochamma temple near Nallavagu project is famous. Manjeera flows in Karnataka and enters into Telagana near Goudgam Janvad present in Nagalgidda mandal, Naryankhed constituency.

Interesting Points

This constituency shares a border line with Karnataka and Maharashtra. So, people speak Marati, Urdu, English, Hindi along with Telugu and Kannada. The tribes of this region speak in Gorboli language and the most of the people can't speak Telugu properly in this constiuency.