Name : Ponnam Lakshmaiah
Parents : Radhamma, Ramakrishnaiah
Date of birth : 15-02-1944
Place of birth : Khilashapuram, Raghunathapalli, Jangoan district
Qualifications : B.E Aeronautical
children : Murali Krishna, Rama Krishna
Spouse : Aruna Devi
Political Background >
Lakshmaiah a seasoned politician and stalwart of Congress party in Telangana state is a stalwart and he joined the party in 1980. He was the first person to react on attrocities allegedly perpetrated by TDP workers on Dalits of Karamchede in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh in 1985, when the state was united. He lashed out at the then state government for its failure in protecting the Dalits. However, his capabilities and skills came to limelight when he handled the foreign delegates including Prime Ministers of neighboring countries who attended Congress Plenary sessions at Tirupati along with other Congress leaders.
In 1986, he launched a protest under the aegis "Samagra Pochampad Karyacharana Samithi" and worked with District Leaders to modify the irrigation scheme to benefit the chronically drought-prone area. Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao laid the foundation on 30 June 1993. The project was under execution in "Jalayagnam" at a cost of Rs. 30 billion.
He was elected four times as MLA for Jangoan. He served as Minister of fisheries, major irrigation and IT in united Andhra Pradesh. He was appointed as president of Telangana Pradesh Congess Committee.
Having come in contact with the World Bank and its programs for developing countries, he was attracted by rural development projects in India. He returned to India and worked to generate rural employment in the region of his birthplace. The first project was improvements in areas such as poultry breeding, helping employ thousands of uneducated people. He also promoted development of the dairy industry.
Business & Properties >
Businesses: No
Assets and liabilities:
According to 2014 election affidavit, his assets were Rs. 21 crores and liabilities were Rs. 91 lakhs.