Date of birth : 19-11-1974
Place of birth : Nizamabad
Parents : Anthareddy Bal Reddy and Vijaya
children : Nitya Reddy and Karthik Reddy
Qualifications : B.D.S
Political Background >
Savitha Reddy grabbed attention of Congress leaders during 1999 elections in when she campaigned on behalf of her father-in-law Geetla Mukunda Reddy. Savitha Reddy forayed into politics in 2006 from Congress with the support from her father-in-law, who is her political mentor. In 2014 elections, Congress party has not considered the names of either Mukunda Reddy or Savitha Reddy to give ticket, but now Mrs. Savitha is expecting a ticket from Congress in the forthcoming elections. If she gets ticket, she has to fight the election battle alone as her father-in-law Mukunda Reddy is no more to support her.