children : Two girls
Date of birth : 17-04-1970
Qualifications : Bachelor of Engineering from Bidar
Parents : Krishnamurthy Gupta, Suvarnamala
Spouse : Latha
Political Background >
He is a debut to politics, but he toured his constituency vigorously during separate Telangana statehood movement.He is close confident of minister Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy and also MP K. Kavitha. Mr. Ganesh Gupta defeated his nearest rival Congress contestant Taher Bin Hundan with a majority of 26,055 votes in the 2018 Telangana elections. With this success, he throned MLA position for the second time in the constituency.
Business & Properties >
He is a businessman and as per the 2014 election affidavit, his assets are Rs.3.87 crore and liabilities Rs.4.42 lakhs
Interesting info >
Constituency is not developed from long time though there are number of senior leaders from this region. Some of them have served as ministers, but none of them have took interest in developing the constituency as industrial hub. Government has not kept its promise to establish engineering college in the the town.