Date of birth : 25-3-1958
Place of birth : Sunnamvari Gudem, Vara Ramachandrapuram (M)
Parents : Sunnam Rajulu and Kannamma
Spouse : Chukkamma
children : Lakshmi, Swarajyam, Chanderrao and Sitaramaraju
Qualifications : 10th class
Political Background >
Since the beginning of his political career he has been with the CPI. He cut his teeth in politics while serving in DYFI, an affiliated organ of CPM. He formally became a member of CPM in 1979. In 1980, he became the president of DYFI Bhadrachalam division. Then in 1981, he became member of CPM division committee and elected as sarpanch of Chinnamattapalli panchayat in 1988. He took over as general secretary of the division. In 1999, he contested for the first time in assembly elections from Bhadrachalam constituency and won. He again tasted victory in 2004 assembly elections but had to face defeat in the subsequent elections of 2009 in the hands of the then Congress candidate, Kunja satyavathi. In 2014 assembly elections, he emerged victorious, defeating komaram Phanishwaramma with a majority of 1815 votes.
Relationships with other politicians.
Karam Siramaiah is the brother in law of Sunnam anjaiah and is presently serving as president of MPP in vara ramachandrapuram in AP. Kunjabojji, former MLA who scored hat-trick by electing to legislative thrice, is a relative of Sunnam rajaiah. Sunnam rajaiah also has family ties with Dr. Midium Baburao, a former member of legislative assembly.
Role in developmental activities:
He promptly brings to notice of the district authorities, the problems in the constituency and strives to resolve them. He has put his focus on solving problems related to drinking water, irrigation, Education, Medical facilities etc and striving to improve metrices in these sectors. He regularly brings to the notice of the government, the problems faced by the constituency, through debates in assembly. 
Business & Properties >
He came from agricultural family and is mainly into farming. He is not engaged in any business activity. His main source of income is farming.
As per the affidavit submitted during elections, he possess 30 acres of land in Sunnamvari gudem of vararamachandrapuram mandal. He has availed compensation under polavaram project for 16 acres of this land. He owns Rs. 47 lakh worth of movable and immovable property. He also owns a house in Bhagavandas colony in Bhadrachalam.
Interesting info >
Earlier, he went on an indefinite fast demanding that the mandals which would be submerged because of polavaram project be made part of TS. He made requests to Election commsion, and raised the same issue in assembly that the mandals which became part of AP have to remerged into telangana. He always had firm belief in and commitment towards the principles of the party. He always implemented the decisions of the party without any exception and had to face some criticism over his steadfast loyalty to the party.